Sonoff Mini R2 – small WiFi smart relay switch with DIY mode

Sonoff Mini R2 – small WiFi smart relay switch with DIY mode

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Sonoff Mini R2 is the most recent R2 new version of the Mini relay product from Sonoff, the smallest in the Sonoff WiFi relay switch product line. Due to its small size you can built it in behind a power socket / light switch just like a standard light switch or into an electrical cabinet. Unlike other Sonoff smart relay switches, it can be also connected to the (traditional) physical switch, and can be both controlled by the physical switch and mobile app via the internet.

With the latest firmware released in mid-August 2020, it both supports momentary, edge and toggle switching modes.

After switching it into DIY mode, it can be integrated with other smarthome/home autmation systems through REST API. In DIY mode the device does not connect to the Sonoff/eWeLink cloud and app, but can be controlled via the API.

The device is a WiFi-equipped smart relay switch, once wired to any electrical circuit, you can turn ON / OFF any electric devices connected. It supports smartphone remote control via iOS (Apple) or Android App, and comes with timer function (scheduled turn ON / OFF).

Remote control in the app can be shared with others, for example family members. It is a perfect solution to smart control any home appliances that is not neccesary to operate constantly, and have to turn ON / OFF periodically (e.g. aquarium air pump). By using the smart switch you can remotely turn ON any of your appliances even before you are at home, and you can conveniently set a scheduled turn OFF, to save energy and cost.